Thursday, May 13, 2010

Men Would Never Have This Problem!

Its spring finally!!!! And b/c the weather has been gorgeous, I decided to wear a dress to school today.....I discovered that I have some very pasty WHITE legs....especially after my legs haven't seen the sun for about 8 months! But thankfully I brought along some nice tan pantyhose that make my legs look significantly tanner! I was looking good today! As I made my way to work I was really enjoying the weather, and I even stopped to get some oranges from the street fruit stand guy. After I had been walking for about 10 mins. all of sudden I feel my pantyhose start to roll....then I take a few more steps, they roll some more.....I am walking down a street with a lot of people and everyone is looking at me as they pass b/c....I'M A FOREIGNER!....And then my pantyhose start to slide down my legs.....THEY'RE GETTING LOW FAST!!!!! I couldn't just hike up my skirt pull up the hose and continue on, b/c all these people were around sooooo......I did the only thing I could do at that time.....walked like a freakin duck!!!!! I had so many people laughing at me as I tried to make it down the street, but my hose were well on their way down my legs and its the only thing that held them up mostly. Finally I see a little alley with a covered building at the end, so I bolt down the alley.....Just as I get to the end, my hose are nearly at my ankles! At the back of the alley I see that there is just enough room for me to squeeze behind the building....So I squeeze back there slide off my shoes followed willingly by my hose, then slide back into my shoes and squeeze out from behind the building.....Just as I'm about to come out a kid comes back there to get his bike, and I startled the poor kid b/c I walked out of completely no where! After I walk passed him I see him walking back to where I was (behind the building)....I can't even imagine what he thought about that! maybe b/c of that experience he now thinks its magic....b/c a foreigner magically appeared from a brick wall! lol! I love to keep life interesting! :-) Maybe I should just avoid wearing skirts and dresses in Korea.....that's where everything seems to go wrong! Men, would never have this problem! haha!

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  1. I can't believe I haven't seen this before now. I'm seriously lacking on my blog following skills. So funny! We miss you Leana!