Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow Snow Snow!!!

Out of my 4 winters in Korea, this one is by far the coldest. So far it has snowed at least once a week, EVERY week in December! The first week we only got a little, not enough to really stick around.

The first snow of Winter....In Daegu, Korea....this is the most that we normally see, but this was only the beginning! 
The Next weekend it snowed and a little bit stayed on the ground, but by two days later, nearly all of the snow had melted.

Week 3: This time there was a pretty good amount of snow. Probably close to 2 inches....enough to make a small snowman or have a snowball fight! ^^ 

Week 4: Even with the snow still falling at the time of this shot, this poor lil car was already half buried. It proceeded to snow for 5 more hours AFTER I took this shot! 

In downtown after the snow stopped some people had build snowmen....but this U+ phone shop decided to build an igloo large enough for 1 person to sit inside! lol! and if you are wondering what the cardboard says in Korean it just says "Y-Igloo"
4 days after the big snow a good inch of ice still covers nearly all of the side streets and sidewalks! Time to get out your ice skates!!!! :-) 

Monday, December 17, 2012


Sometimes....Most of the in a foreign country can make you feel lonely or disconnected. Even though u are surrounded by people all of the time, you often feel like u dont have anyone who is really close to you. I have been living in Korea for 3&1/2 years now. i know disconnection very well. Especially around the holidays like right now! Adding homesickness to the mix doesn't help much either! However, this year i have started to try some things differently: i have started talking to God more, praying, going to Bible study groups, retreats, and submersing myself into activities to keep me active and my mind busy. I also have acquired quite a wonderful group of friends through these activities. I truly didn't realize how important friends were until these years away from the ones I love most introduced me to that feeling. Thank the Lord for blessing me with such good friends in all parts of my life even when i'm thousands of miles away from everything that I knew before!!! God is good and he does provide you with what you NEED. Seek Him FIRST and His kingdom, THEN these things will be given unto you.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today a Typhoon hit Korea....but this was a very sad typhoon! I was ready for all the works, HARD RAIN, CRAZY HARSH WIND!....nope, just some rain throughout the day and a few moments of strong wind. I was kind of a little disappointed....UNTIL I was walking to work and saw this building! YEAH! "That's pretty cool that the storm did that to a building" I thought to myself. However, after I took the pic and continued my journey, I just figure that this building is another testament to the very low quality buildings that are put up all around me, all the time, here in Korea. I was always curious as to how strong those buildings could truly be if they were built in just a few weeks time...Now I know.  

Sunday, June 24, 2012


times are changing so fast these days. I recently started my 3rd yrs contract here in korea. Why do i continue to stay in a foreign country? I ask myself this question all the  time....
1st the income is good for a single person trying to pay off massive amounts of student loans.
2nd Having the opportunity to travel to multiple foreign countries that many ppl just dream of doing for very little money is such a great feeling....mark another country off that list
3rd a way to live a little differently than at home...whether that is just experiencing a different  culture or u re-invent urself, its all different
4th after being here for two years korea has become my home! I feel comfortable. I have developed many relationships with the natives and dont want to separate that. All together, it is comfort.