Friday, March 26, 2010

I hit the 6 month mark for the day that I started teaching! Wow! I can't believe it! Time just flies! I still feel a little homesick every once in a while, but what's sad is....I don't feel home sick for family, but homesick for my best friends that I left at home. They might as well be called family, lets just say sisters. I miss not having that really close friend to rely on, especially when things go bad or you just need to talk. The good thing is that SKYPE is absolutely amazing, b/c through SKYPE I can either talk to them for free if they have a SKYPE account and I can see them "face to face" or I can directly call their cell phones for however long I want to talk. It's far cheaper than using a cell phone in the states! lol!

Besides being a little homesick, I can't say that a lot has changed in how much I enjoy being here and the fact that I still don't speak hardly any Korean so not much in that case has changed....or at least, I don't feel like a lot has changed.....HOWEVER, I have grown accustomed to many things happening around me....things that I wouldn't find in the states....such as using chopsticks for every meal....and I think it is funny when Koreans try to offer me a fork. Several of my teacher friends here in Korea put together a list and I would love to share it with you all... are you ready? Here it is...

Living in Korea... maybe you don't speak the language, or fully understand the culture, but still, you're comfortable here. You may even call it home. It took a while, but now...
You know you've been in Korea too long when...
1. You notice your English has gotten worse, but your hand gestures have gotten better.
2. You don't think it's noteworthy that everything is good for stamina, well being or your skin.
3. You're thankful for the mirrors that are everywhere, and actually use them.
4. You use your floor heating as a clothes dryer and know exactly how many articles of clothing will fit on your floor.
5. In a restaurant you turn down a fork, are shocked to see a knife on the table, but are unfazed by the scissors.
6. You don't notice the appearance of corn in unexpected places.
7. You like the randomness of the things you get for free.
8. Your standard of western food has dropped so low that what was once ok is now
9. You aren't surprised by
sweet pickles and know it’s a sign you’re eating “foreign food”.
10. You take your shoes off when you walk into your house, and put shoes on to walk into the bathroom.
11. You rarely eat a meal without rice in some form.
12. You don't notice people in couple outfits.
13. You no longer notice you're being followed in stores.
14. You aren't bothered by being stared at.
15. You think it's normal for cars to park on the sidewalk.
16. You're not bothered by not getting what you ordered because the waitress didn't understand you.
17. You go to a restaurant and are impressed if you are given more than one menu for your party of ten.
18. You tune out the fruit vendor trucks, the store opening trucks and everything broadcast from a moving vehicle.
19. You no longer believe in waiting in line.
20. You finally realize polite has a different meaning.
21. You know the questions to ask about the state of the public restroom.
22. You don't expect to get hot water in a public building.
23. You automatically give and receive things with two hands.
24. You accept that waffles are a dessert item and not just for breakfast.
25. You find the genius in the way everything is individually wrapped and packaged.
26. You find the toaster oven has become an integral part of how you cook… and an ingenious way to bake.
27. You can finally discern the alphabet on signs.
28. You are no longer distracted by the loud music playing as you shop.
29. You recognize each store's theme song and know that each store has it's own theme song.
30. You know there is no such thing as copyright.
31. You actually understand the appeal of 'Big Bang' and the '
Wonder Girls'.
32. You know that “Crack” has a completely different meaning here.
33. You know more about the current hot drama than about world events.
34. You eat seaweed at least 5 times a week and don't find it strange.
35. You've seen a vending machine sell both mentos and condoms and think 'useful'.
36. You own and use a pollution or yellow dust mask.
37. You know everything can be made take out, delivered in 15 minutes from the time you call and are surprised when you don't get real plates and flatware.
38. You accept you're going to be considered odd if you're not married or currently dating.
39. You know that “orange” (light brown) is a hair color and straight perms are a way of life.
40. You realize cute is timeless, and everything can be made cuter.
41. You understand that the stationary store is the equivalent to the toy store for
Korean kids.
42. You notice when a person doesn't have a cell phone charm and wonder why they don't.
43. Your 5-year-old student has a better cell phone than you and you're not bothered by it.
44. You think it's normal for high school students to go to school until 10 pm.
45. You claim you can't sing, but still break into song at the Noo-rae-bang.
46. You no longer notice the Korean subtitles at the bottom of English TV shows and when you do, you find yourself trying to follow them.
47. You don't expect the check to be automatically brought to you at the end of a meal.
48. You know that chopsticks aren't just for eating with, but are an essential tool with many uses.
49. You no longer notice you're the only foreigner in a place.
50. You speak in “Konglish” (saying some words in Korean and other words in English in one sentence).
51. You think of squid and kimchi for a 4th of july bbq, but hot dogs never occur to u.
52. You use words like "fighting", "cunning" and "fishing" but have now adopted the korean meaning for them.
53. You have adopted korean holidays as your own.

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  1. Congrats on your 6 month mark! Hope you are having a great time!!