Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ahhhh, Pure Embarrassment!!!

What would life be like if we had never embarrassed our self before??? The last time that I felt true embarrassment was when I was a senior in high school in the spring of 2004! I was the class Valedictorian and it was my turn to go to the podium to do my speech. That day my head was in 50 different places at once, and for some reason the one thing that I forgot at home today speech! So, I casually got up and approached the stage. My heart was pounding and I was excited and scared to stand in front of these hundreds of friends and families that had come to watch us on this special day. I was so excited and scared that I completely forgot that there was an extension cord running across the floor to the podium. As I got closer to the podium my foot caught the cord and...yeah, you guessed it.....I fell to the floor! This did not happen, not at all. I fell completely out on the floor, losing my cap and the two bobby pins that were holding it in place. I wanted to just stay down on the floor, but I knew that couldn't be an option right now. Especially since I am lying in the middle of the stage at this moment. I brought myself to stand up and collect my hat from the floor. Since I was in front of everyone, I didn't have time to fix it and put it over my hair. So, I just plopped it on my head and looked at the podium...the empty podium. Right now, I was wanting to cry, or laugh, or scream, or something. So many emotions running through me at this moment and I had to start my speech. So, since I didn't really want to cry and the whole audience was stunned that I had just fallen....I did the only thing I could....cracked a joke about falling. As they laughed, I tried desperately to smile and to try and remember something from my speech. Just then, as the laughter was dying down, a girl comes running into the building across the gym floor toward the podium. While the audience is probably wondering who this girl is and why is she running in here during the ceremony, I am relaxing now and very relieved at the sight of my sister-in-law running up to me with my speech. So, thankfully I am good with words every once in a while and I made it look like this was all planned to happen, and I think I convinced nearly everyone! Thank the Lord that this all worked out and my speech went smoothly!

I have been really good at avoiding embarrassment and making events look like they were intentionally supposed to happen.....well, I had been good at it until recently. I am teaching in an English Academy (Hogwon) for children from 8-17 years old. I have been working here for a little more than 6 months now. I like this academy, and I really like that we are one of the more advanced schools. When the students are in the classroom they are only allowed to speak English. However, many of their parents either speak a little or no English at all. Every once in a while the parents come to talk with the faculty. When they are at the school we were told to greet them and say either "hello" or do a bow and say "Anyunhasayo." This specific day I was looking very nice because the weather outside was beautiful. I had on a flowy skirt and a nice shirt, I felt really pretty today! After the first hour of class we get a five minute break, so I ran to the restroom real quick. Then I talked with some of my students who were in the hallway. As I walked through the main lobby there were three or four parents waiting to speak with the faculty. Being the good teacher that I am, I bowed and said "anyunhasayo." I smiled and they smiled and I started to walk away....then one of them caught my attention "Ya...Ya!!" I turned back around and walked back to them and they pointed to me, so I walked closer. None of them speak English and then one of them gives me the motion to put my hand on the back of me....I know exactly what she is motioning to me now....My skirt has been tucked into my underwear! AHHHHH! Pure Embarrassment! But at this moment I can't help but laugh because now I have just mooned several of my students' parents and probably the students too!!! lol! What an experience! I was laughing so hard that I had to stop by my manager's office and explain the story to her before I returned to my classroom! Really, what would my life be like without truely embarrassing moments that make you look back and laugh?

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  1. BAhahaha. You are so funny. I am glad you can laugh at yourself.. That is a great quality!