Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Leana + Blogging = Fail

No matter how much I keep thinking that I am going to keep up with this blog, it just doesn't work out. So....I'm not making any promises to you or anything else. Once again, I am going to update my blog.....I'm thinking, that my new style will be through pics since you all know that I am a horrible writer! Having said that, let's go back to April.....

In April, I got to take a week of vacation. I went to Phuket and Bangkok, Thailand in the company of Jessica Lipe, Jinrae Kang, and Christi Coker. It was one of the most amazing trips I've been on. The water was soooo blue, and pristine....I'm shutting up's the pics:

The stark contrast between the dark blue of the deeper waters and the light blue of the shallow water.

Jinrae and Jessica getting ready for you can see, we weren't the only people there :-(

My favorite of the Phi Phi Islands. This one is called Maya Beach.

A beautiful wooden sail boat drifted in as we were leaving Maya Beach.

We came back to port just as the sun was setting. I caught this fishing boat just before they got into harbor.

We also travelled out to James Bond Islands and took a raft tour through some of the water sculpted caves.

Jinrae getting ready to go into our first cave.

In Phuket we also had to go see PhantaSea....just because! It was cute.

The main building for FantaSea!

Of course we had to ride elephants as well.

Caught a quick glance at a temple.

Watched people parasailing along the beach as the sun set behind the clouds.

Saw The BIG Budha.


Admired God's awesome beauty!

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