Monday, December 17, 2012


Sometimes....Most of the in a foreign country can make you feel lonely or disconnected. Even though u are surrounded by people all of the time, you often feel like u dont have anyone who is really close to you. I have been living in Korea for 3&1/2 years now. i know disconnection very well. Especially around the holidays like right now! Adding homesickness to the mix doesn't help much either! However, this year i have started to try some things differently: i have started talking to God more, praying, going to Bible study groups, retreats, and submersing myself into activities to keep me active and my mind busy. I also have acquired quite a wonderful group of friends through these activities. I truly didn't realize how important friends were until these years away from the ones I love most introduced me to that feeling. Thank the Lord for blessing me with such good friends in all parts of my life even when i'm thousands of miles away from everything that I knew before!!! God is good and he does provide you with what you NEED. Seek Him FIRST and His kingdom, THEN these things will be given unto you.

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