Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow Snow Snow!!!

Out of my 4 winters in Korea, this one is by far the coldest. So far it has snowed at least once a week, EVERY week in December! The first week we only got a little, not enough to really stick around.

The first snow of Winter....In Daegu, Korea....this is the most that we normally see, but this was only the beginning! 
The Next weekend it snowed and a little bit stayed on the ground, but by two days later, nearly all of the snow had melted.

Week 3: This time there was a pretty good amount of snow. Probably close to 2 inches....enough to make a small snowman or have a snowball fight! ^^ 

Week 4: Even with the snow still falling at the time of this shot, this poor lil car was already half buried. It proceeded to snow for 5 more hours AFTER I took this shot! 

In downtown after the snow stopped some people had build snowmen....but this U+ phone shop decided to build an igloo large enough for 1 person to sit inside! lol! and if you are wondering what the cardboard says in Korean it just says "Y-Igloo"
4 days after the big snow a good inch of ice still covers nearly all of the side streets and sidewalks! Time to get out your ice skates!!!! :-) 

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