Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am soo blessed with friends! And I am glad that I have gotten to see so many of you before I left the states! The cookout was a lot of fun...even though the weather was a little dreary! My second older brother, William, was kind enough to be the cook for the party! THANKYOU!!! The burgers were great! Then we all payed some basketball on the wet slick made for even more fun! Afterwards we went back to the pavilion for some cake and what would of been some volleyball, but my little 4 yr. old cousin decided to break the net....BOOOOO! Just as I thought that things were really wrapping friends suprized me with an ATTACK OF SILLY STRING!!!!!....Yeah, I was not expecting that at all!!! lol...I also loved the poparazzi that all had there cameras out taking pics of me after that happened!!! lol.....what a time!!! I love my friends, and I will miss you all soooooo very much!

There is one particular friend whom I have been blessed with in my life and I am so glad that she was put into my life! You were the only one that made me cry when I had to say goodbye to I will no longer have someone informing me if my outfit is decent enough to wear out in public or what all the best places to go shopping at are....or someone to stay up talking with all night even when I know that I need to wake up early! I will be missing you dearly and you had better find some way of contacting me the minute that you get engaged!

Monday Sept. 14, 2009

Today has been a very long day...I woke up around 7AM to start working on my training videos that I recieved from my recruiter last night. After only making it through about two and 1/2 of the 4 videos, it was already close to 11AM . Time to start getting ready to meet up with more people for more farewells. Lunch here, Boba Tea there, Hello/Goodbyes everywhere then to Ross for goodbyes and hugs, then campus, then a trip to the tag agency to ask about my liscence, then one last trip to the awesome trip to the arcade....where my flirting skills got us free games(how this worked...I have no idea....but hey, it did and we played for FREE!!) lol. Then off to dinner at Red this point I was exhausted and it was only 9:30 PM. However, still more places to go and people to see!!! After that I still went to three more people's apartments to see them one last time...

Tuesday Sept. 15th, 2009

I returned to my last friends apt. at around 2 AM. to grab my carry on stuff and grab a quick shower and then headed for my parent's house in Davenport, OK which was a 45 min. trip...on no sleep and by myself....but I made it! lol. I arrive a little after 3AM and walk in to find my younger sister still awake. She had been waiting up for me because she wanted to say goodbye since she wouldn't be able to go to the airport later. We talked for a little bit and she decided to go to this point I was thinking that a short nap might be good...BUT, just as I'm about to go find some place to lie down, my neice wakes up and decides to come and talk to me. We talk for about and hour then I finally persuade her to go back to bed so she can wake up for school in the morning! Just as she goes and lies down, my dad walks in the front door...he has just gotten off from work. So, I talk with him for a little bit and I catch a glimpse at the is already after 5 AM and mom and I are supposed to leave here soon. Just as I'm thinking this, mom comes around the corner and heads to the shower....I start getting ready. We finally hit the road at 5:50 AM and I'm the one driving! lol. I did great for about 2 and 1/2 hours....then I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. Mom drove the rest of the way. We arrived at the airport a few minutes after 10...and the person at the counter informs me that I'm late and they have already closed the gate...they called the gate and since there were a few others, they re-opened it to wait for us...I was just in shock, and this made me upset b/c my flight wasn't supposed to leave until 11! lol....Then after they told me that I could still take this flight, they weighed my bags and OF COURSE they are over weight!!!!! I wanted to try and take some stuff out b/c they weren't too overweight....BUT they wouldn't let me b/c I was "late to my flight already!" So, I had to pay $100 to have them put my luggage on the flight! UGH! Then, I was still required to wait in the security checkpoint line.....and then SPRINT to my terminal......When I got to my terminal, there was still a line of people who had not been seated and THEN the plane didn't even leave the ground until could of been that I was really tired, but I was just livid by this point!!! And it took me forever to just calm myself and relax for the 14 and 1/2 plane ride ahead of me.

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