Friday, September 18, 2009

안녕 (An-yung!) (Hello!)

My days are really starting to mesh together...I guess it doesn't help when I am still waking up rediculously early and going to bed really early. My days have been busy so far. On Thusrday, I decided to venture out just a little ways by myself...just because I needed to find a bank or possibly a Universal ATM (that's credit card will not work with their regular ATM's....but why is it that if they come to America that their card will work wherever??? Just curious?!?! But anyways,) I wandered around the city only a little bit...but I'm not good with maps and by the way this city is so closely wound around itself, I would get my self lost in a heart beat! and there wouldn't be anyone who could help me get back b/c hardly anyone speaks english here!!! NOT EVEN THE VENDORS!!! lol. Then I finally found a Universal ATM...can you guess where??? Are you ready for this??? ....... At the local 7-11...OF COURSE!!! I did not know that 7-11 was world wide! Did you?
After I left there, I grabbed some ramen noodles for a quick lunch. At about 1PM All of the Chungdahm people had to meet down in the lobby and all 8 of us and the taxi driver all crammed into his little van taxi and he took us to the Korean Medical Center. Here we had to go through a physical to make sure that we were healthy and weren't carrying any kind of disease or anything. So they poked us with needles, made us pee in cups, and made us hug X-ray machines....Fun times!!! lol. When we got back from there we all decided to go out for dinner, but it was only 5 PM....and apparently this is a very early dinner time in Korea. Hardly any of the restaurants were open and there was hardly anyone on the streets. We finally found a little chinese spot I sat by a sweet girl named Amanda. She doesn't eat any type of sea food, so I agreed to share a dish with her. Our meal arrived and it was spicy...but this spicy wasn't like the mexican spicy that is around oklahoma where the only point it has is to burn off all your taste buds!, this spicy was actually very tasty. The only thing that I required was that I had some water near me! lol. After dinner the others went out, but I was exhausted so I headed back to the hotel for bed.


did you know that they DO NOT HAVE shower curtains around here? and the bathtub is very very narrow and the shower water comes through a little hand held shower thingy....this was very difficult to wash!!! By the time that I finished there was water all over the floor, but I guess that this is typical b/c there was a drain all along the tub. However, I just heard news from one of the people I'm training with....aparently in Korea you are fortunate if you have a bath tub! Generally, the hand held shower head is attached to a side deal from the sink and theres a drain on the just shower in the middle of your bathroom...yay...

by the way, this is now my shower in my apartment.....doesn't that figure!!!!

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  1. I should of figured it out while I was in the hotel....My shower is even worse than the one in the I just have a hose connected to my sink and at the other end is a shower head....and when I wash myself....THE WHOLE BATHROOM get's wet!!!!!! lol! ohhh well...I'm getting used to it now! Gotta love Korea!