Monday, March 7, 2011

Out with the Old

Well, it looks like the Winter semester is now over. Then I had Sunday to rest and relax....and....Now it is the Spring semester at school. I can only pray that with this new semester that I get a lot of patience for my new classes. Most of the students that I've had before are not my problem, because I have them trained to behave well in class. But I have just received a Sr. trouble- maker class from a teacher who has quit the school for various of them was the difficulty with managing students in the classroom setting for the 3 hr. long class session. This group of kids which I have now received is going to be the death of me. First of all, they have no respect for me as their this is going to be the hardest measure to overcome and with this I will truly need a lot of patience to keep me from literally exploding! Second, I don't know how to dicipline them to where they really care about it. Recently, Daegu has put into effect the all kids must be out of the Hogwon by 10PM sharp otherwise the school is penalized....our classes finish at 9:55PM and it used to be that we could just make the kids stay and retest after classes, but now we can't keep them. Kids don't care about the bonus tickets. They don't care about a seating chart, b/c they would still wind up near a friend (b/c they're all friends). Assigning sentences? doing a speech in English? I've tried to instill fear, but they don't believe it....its only a week into the second semester and I already am at this point. I need some ideas and I need them quick! While I wait, I'll be fervently praying!


  1. Girl, I know all about troubled classes.. ha. Good luck! You will straighten them out soon.
    It is good for you though that they get to leave- consider it an annoying blessing! Ha.

    I'm coming to Korea in May- We are going to Seoul, Busan, and Jeju. I would really like to see you. Let me know when you will be free- we should be there April 28th to May 8th. We would love to meet you somewhere- we are going with a group so it might be hard for us to actually come there. Let me know!


  2. Thank you! I wish that they would make improvements faster! lol!
    Actually, I am also going on vacation from April 24th - May 1st, but I'm going to Thailand! lol. Ar you leaving on the 8th or the 7th?