Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You know its good when....

This weekend I had big plans to go to Jindo and watch the waves literally parting the waters. I was really looking forward to it....but with car problems and all I didn't get to make it out there. BUT that doesn't stop me. I still wanted to have a good weekend....so, I went to an American like diner and had a pretty good almost "american breakfast." Then I wound up going ice skating and surprizing my friend Mikey who is training to be a professional skater. Afterward we drug Mikey out to dinner with us where we tried a restaraunt called Mies Factory. The waitors and the atmosphere was so good! I really enjoyed it! Then we ended our day with finding a beautiful cupcake shop. This was my first time to try a Korean Cupcake....I have to say, I really miss american desserts! lol, but it was still good!

That was my Sunday. Then Monday was pretty normal, But Tuesday was awesome. After work on Tuesday all of us went out to eat....and I mean all of us, including ALL of the April teachers too! We went to Traveler's Bar and Grill where one of our old teacher's there is a manager and we literally TOOK OVER! Then to make things even better, the only other people there were some teachers from the other CDI Hogwan, Susungu. I knew some of them, b/c I had trained with one of them named Austin. It was like a reunion for me! lol. I was informed that they only had about a sixth of their foreign teachers there and they still had about the same amount of teachers out there as all of us AND our Korean Staff! lol. I didn't really realize how small we really are till just then! lol. But any ways, back to my story. CDI had taken over. We ordered sooooo much food, we were using all of the tables, and took control of all of the games (pool table, darts, & foosball). We were there for hours. Slowly the other Susungu CDI left, then it was only our branch in the whole place. We closed them down! lol. We even saw some of the workers leave, b/c we had been there so long! We finally left a little after 2....and must I remind you its a Tuesday. Then since it's after midnight we take a taxi home and on the way the guy starts laughing at us and tells Mikey that he is a Hero, b/c he is the only guy with 3 girls! hahaha....little does he know.... LOL. Then he serenades us with the ABC's....and stops and asks us if we know that song! After we drop off Ange and Mikey and continue toward our apartment, he keeps trying to ask if we speak Korean or something else....but we finally make it to the apartment and he stops and says...."This BEST night, Laugh, 'haha' a lot!" I thought that was pretty great! An awesome end to our amazing time together, which leads me to say....You know it's good when you "laugh 'haha' a lot!!! "

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